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K R Rental

Iowa City, IA



(319) 338-5736


K R Rental
463 Highway 1 West
Iowa City, IA 52246

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K R Rental

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Holly says:
RED ALERT! These apartments are dirty,with cockroaches,fleas,ants. Police and firetrucks and ambulance almost every night. Rampant alcohol and drug use,gunshots,loud music unchecked night and day. Drug dealing and use all over both complexes, R&K. Dangerous, cannot sleep with windows open for fear of people climbing in. The noise level from hwy1 and airport and slager appliance trucks coming and going night and day. Mail thieves, dirty hallways that smell and stair well dirty and smells. Cars racing by in the parking lot. Vandalism that manager won't fix. He hirer's strangers to do odd jobs in your apartment.No maintenance crew. No new carpeting or cleaning, no new paint or curtains. Windows can't and won't be cleaned. To live here you must be deaf,dumb and mute.Bad cell phone connection cause of airport. Planes and helicopters are SO loud! And look out for the "bug man" he does not really spay. I have gone right behind him and felt the floor where he supposedly sprayed and the floor was completely dry. He's rude and sexist. He made a comment that was SO rude I couldn't believe he actually it. So save yourself from this horror. Once you move in you will see the true colors of this place and management. I think this place should be on the nuisance property list. You just can't feel safe here or happy with the mistake of moving here. There are places that have nice apartments with pools for the same price. Keep looking don't just settle for this atrocity. HEADS UP ! Good luck.